Terrible twos

Ahhh the 2nd year of a little boys life.  By 2 years old you realize how much a little boy can get into. Our little boy enjoyed getting into everything.  By 2 years old he was independent and so sassy.  Although he wasn’t talking as much, sassy often and was relatively good for 2 years old, he still had his naughty moments.  This is the year we learned that no matter how great you try to be as parents, sometimes life just has other ideas.  We had new challenges.  Kameron was a slower walker and talker and so our pediatrician recommended we have him looked at by an amazing program called birth to 3.  It’s scary at first because you don’t know what they will find and let’s face it you will blame yourself for all of it.  Moms are always the first to be blamed when their child has an issue by society so naturally I just blamed myself before anyone else could.   We tried some exercises and found that he needed some help with his hips.   A lot of his issues came from how he sat in what they called “W” sitting.   He also had very high arches and walked on the outside of his feet.  With lots of practice and support from our family, little man was running in no time.  Forward to today and he still has issues that we work through.  You would never know it by looking at him as we try to keep him normal as can be but running is different for him and he’s not as fast. It’s also hard for him to get the balance to jump.   Thanks to a great special education class he is getting help for that and other things that you will hear about later.  Back to Age 2.

When Kameron was 2, Nate decided that it was about time he proposed.  See we met way back in 2004.  We dating for quite some time.  After some struggles we decided to go our separate ways.  It was not an easy decision and I would regret it for the next few years.  I married someone else and after a very long and difficult, unhealthy marriage, him and I divorced.   During the separation period,  Nate and I ran into each other at my work in the dells.  He was unfortunately seeing someone else and I was emotionally and physically in no shape to be in a relationship.   I also didn’t want to date until my marriage was legally ended.  At least one of us could then say we were faithful to our vows.  But anyways. 2 months after the divorce was finally final, Nate and I made it official to start dating.  So forward 3 years from our relationship restart and he was proposing.   He wasn’t letting me slip away again.  Kameron helped with the proposal and it was the beginning of the best days of our lives.

We wanted a long engagement. He wanted me to have the wedding of my dreams.  The first was kinda quickly planned.  We had settled on a date about 1 1/2 later.

In this time, we decided that because Kameron didn’t go to daycare, we wanted to enroll him in some kind of class.  If you have ever teetered on this idea, go for it.  The play school we put him in was not only rewarding for him but a learning experience for us.  The next year and a half would be the most whirl wind and life changing ever.  They can be expensive, but thanks to that school they were able to help us catch some learning difficulties that we wouldn’t have otherwise known about.  We owe his educational future to those teachers who took the time to love him and want the best for him.   They questioned what didn’t seem right and studied him.  He will not fall in the cracks of our educational system because teachers like Mrs. K. and Mrs. O. TRULY cared.  And as his 2nd year came to an end we learned that we can’t do it all on our own.  That sometimes our kids will learn differently and that’s ok. When you think he you have it all figured out you are about to be surprised.  Finally potty training is not as easy as reading a book and a weekend.  Those parents should count their lucky stars.

Till next time

Our 2 year old Fisherman

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