Sunday fun day has a new meaning…

When I was in my younger days, Sunday Fun day meant either recovering from the night before or trying to catch it before it caught me.  After being awoken Sunday by a teething 8 month old and a hungry 4 year old at 7:00 a.m., I knew those days were getting farther and farther away.  Sleep, that’s all I want now.  My brother reminded me that I must be getting older seeing I was in bed by 8:00 p.m. Saturday night.  In my defense, my husband and I are battling sinus infection with me an added ear infection and the 2 kiddos are tag teaming at who can drive us nuts quickest.

Now that we are using our Sundays to the fullest of what can get done as a family, it was the perfect day to prepare some meals for the week.  With my husband on shut down for the week from work, I try to make the meal planning as easy as possible.  It’s not that I am scared of him being home alone all day with the 2 kiddos, he’s a great dad.  It’s the 2 kiddos have him wrapped around his finger and if Kameron say “but mom lets me just have ice cream for dinner”, he may give in.


Here was what was on the docket today.  School snack and easy breakfast with fast clean up for MaKenzie.  School snack is my nemesis.  We have 2 a month with Early child hood and 4k.  Sometimes 3 if the month is long.  We try to be creative because the kids are getting to the end of the year and snack is getting boring.  They just want to be outside and playing.  Because they have started learning about spring, flowers and birds, Rice Crispie treat birds nest and eggs were just the ticket.  They were easy enough that I may make them in 2 weeks for his larger class, now that I know they went over well and what not to do next time.

All you need to do is make the treats per the directions.  We tried to do the upside down muffin pan like on Pinterest, please add that to the Pinterest fail list. We flipped them over and used the muffin side.  Let them cool overnight and filled with the spring colored marshmallows.


Easy Peasy!

Now what about that baby!!!

For MaKenzie, we made baby pancakes.  I saw on Pinterest that you could use the baby rice cereal or oatmeal to make baby pancakes.  It was more work that I had planned for but boy did it make a lot and did she love having pancakes with her family today.

We used:

1 Cup of Gerber Rice Ceral

1 Cup of Formula (or breast milk if that is what you are doing)

3/4 cup of Water

1 smushed banana

1 Cup of Flour

3 tbsp of butter

3 egg yolks


Mix it all up until it is a batter consistency and cook like you would a pancake.  We then put the cakes into Tupperware and into the freezer.  Warm up in the morning for a few minutes in the microwave and BAM! baby breakfast on the go and happy Baby Belly!



Let me know what you think!!


Happy Monday!

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