Growing up too fast…..

Having a baby at home and a super kid, that’s what he prefers to be called instead of big boy, it makes you realize how quickly kids grow up.  Getting ready for kindergarten and making new friends, where does the time go?  We started to really research more into how Kameron’s SPD (sensory processing disorder) really effects his everyday life.  We are so blessed to have great teachers in his school to help him and us learn what we need to do. It was kind of a whirlwind and we luckily had a lot of outside help to make some tough decisions quickly! Every day can be a struggle.  Things that seem like no big deal can be escalated or heightened because he is in overload. We have really learned in the last year that schedule is key.  Anything being off in his schedule can be the demise of our week.  We love trying new organization techniques to keep his schedule as on point as possible.

One thing that we love is our new Task/Schedule board.  It was so easy to make and didn’t cost a lot.  Dry erase boards in our family are our best friends.

We started with a small white board and some washi tape for color and fun.  Washi tape was inexpensive and comes in so many different designs.  it is also nice to be able to change the board with the seasons giving it some flare.  It is also nice because even though we are using permanent marker, fun tip, can actually be erased on a white board with dry erase marker as you can see in the middle picture.  We were able to re-use the small board for the bite board which I will show you later.  Once you determine how many spots you will need for chores, get crafty with the permanent markers and start making your chores.

We even put Kenzie on there so that she can be in on the fun and as she gets older have her schedule be just as important as her brothers.


Every morning we do our schedule and check it off as we go.  Here is the finished project:

2016-02-07 19.19.30

Being able to change the chores as they get older is nice as well.  Really all you do is scribble over the marker with dry erase maker and wipe away.  That’s it!

I hope you have as much fun making this as we did and maybe as much fun seeing your list get checked off every day too.


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