When Pintrest Attacks

I need to preface this with thank you to my husband for being so kind and helpful.  My husband works so hard all week and he doesn’t complain he just does.  He works 2nd shift and doesn’t get home until late at night.  He wakes up early to get both kids fed and Kam to school.  He takes care of Kenz until he has to shuttle Kameron between his 2 schools and then tries to catch a small nap before going to work.  That is why I say school snack must require a sleeping spouse.

Some of you know that Kameron does 2 daily classes.  He does an early childhood program in the morning to help with his sensory issues and then 4K in the afternoon.  Its a lot to run him between classes and it also means 2 school snacks a month.  I try to make them unique although sometimes it ends up being applesauce with googly eyes.  This week I decided to try the Multi color rice crispy treats.  You have seen it, the Thanksgiving holiday ones that are orange yellow and white.  Well after 2 tries, we figured it out.

Step 1: Do NOT follow pinterest recipe.

Step 2: Double Recipe and divide into 3 parts

Step 3: Do one color at a time

Step 4: Do not skimp on the marshmallows

Step 5: Mix the food coloring in the pan you are mixing the marshmallow’s in

Step 6: Spread in pan fast

Step 7: Repeat and add next 2 layers

Step 8: Let cool and solidify a little

Step 9: Enjoy

Step 10: Clean up tomorrow 😉

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