New days

One thing I love to do, that some of you may not know, is bake.  I love to bake.   I’m not a very good cook, but baking I could do all day long as a relaxation technique.  I couldn’t do it for money.  Eventually I would probably get sick of it and never want to bake again.  Doing all this reflecting of the past and realizing how much I am grateful for, I started thinking of my childhood.   I get my baking bug I suppose from my Grandma Cordelia.  To some she is known as Grandma Crank, the mean one, or the old stubborn German.  If you are close in my life you have eaten her cookies or mini loaves of bread and warmed by one of my many Blankets that I take for granted.  Every year since I was born, for either birthdays, baptism or Christmas, she has made us kids Blankets and quilts.  They are heavy and beautiful.   People will drive from all over the state because they have heard of Corkies Quilts.  When we were kids, my parents ran a business in Ripon.  They were able to do it out of our home for quite some time and our Grandparents helped run it and babysit my brothers and I.  This is where I learned to bake and probably where I picked up my attitude.   Grandma hated  toy messes.  “Do you know how hard your parents worked to pay for those toys and you’re going to leave them all over the house to get broken or lost!? Put them away and get in the kitchen or clean something!” We liked the kitchen option.   That meant we were baking something delicious that to her meant we were learning something that would provide for our family later and to us meant we were spoiling our dinner with cookies or cake.  Win win I’d say.  I remember that Grandpa Davis would teach us to multi task when we baked at his house.  While we waited for it to bake, we would go pick fresh peas and raspberries from his garden.  We would look for the best tomatoes and whatever we could deliciously sneak as a snack.  I really miss Grandpa Davis.  How he put up with Grandma all those years I don’t think anyone will ever understand other than, it was Love.  By the time we were done, the cookies were ready to cool or something out of the oven.  Her house always smells delicious.  If you love banana bread she makes awesome little mini loaves that to this day when we visit, that’s what she is making.  All different flavors too. If you can imagine it, she probably makes it.
Thinking back on this, I figure this is why I am not a good cook.  Having to watch something and have several steps just doesn’t work for me.  I need to be able to clean while I wait or start the next flavor.  

I started baking with Kam as soon as he could stay awake long enough to watch and then when he could stand and kinda stir.  He didn’t realize what we were doing but we were making memories.  Sunday morning are my mornings to make a good breakfast.   We do the family favorite of scrambled eggs and hot dogs passed down from Nates side.  Today, however, we made pancakes.   Do any of you have picky eaters? Hot dogs without lines, bread buttered on the correct side, pancakes that aren’t Brown enough?   Yup, I love him and he’s all mine.  Did you know water tastes better when you fill it from the left side of the sink!? Just like every Sunday morning, Kameron ran to the kitchen to help me make breakfast.   He wanted pancakes.  Pancakes and cheap and easy so today we spiced it up.  I love finding cute Rubber molds. I have some cute ones for xmas time and they make great fun pancakes.  A few weeks ago I found a fun boy one at Target.  It has trains and soldiers.  It’s perfect. So while thinking of all those days baking with Grandma and Grandpa, I made memories that I hope Kameron thinks of some day of me.






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