From new mom to still new mom

Wow, it has been a while since I have posted and boy am I sorry.  A lot has changed and I have even had some people ask whatever happened to my blog……I WAS A NEW MOM WHEN WOULD I HAVE TIME 🙂 No excuses.  I am back at it and this time I am taking a new approach.  I sometimes feel like I let my Facebook become my blog.  Not convinced?  Please see last 4 years of status’.  In 4 years, I have married the love of my life, really I did! I also became a new mom again.  Boy is it ever like the first as I feel like I know nothing.  The next few days, weeks and months, we will catch up on what has all happened.  I will get personal.  It’s not always going to be funny but I hope that it helps me to heal some old wounds and maybe even help someone else who is going through the same struggle.   Knowing you are not alone is always comforting and all of us are never truly alone in this life.

First blog to be posted in 3, 2…..oops the baby needs a bottle.


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